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Czech Technology Days logoBy its research, development, and science achievements the Czech Republic calls upon the traditions of developed countries, in which those factors have been always the established cultural value. There are no doubts about the strategic importance of R&D for future development of the Czech society, and hence, this sector is being promoted as the key component to accelerate the national economy. Therefore, it is quite natural that the Czech Republic is very seriously involved in seeking out synergies in scientific and technological development in cooperation with other developed countries so as to achieve much stronger and more efficient results of joint research and development projects, as well as programmes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the agency CzechInvest, and other partners, established in 2005 the tradition of bilateral meetings called the Czech Technology Days. The aim of these seminars is to provide an overview over the structure of Czech R&D entities, of the respective policy principles, of the Czech Government R&D priorities and programmes, as well as of important achievements and prospects. They should contribute to the exchange of important information on recent and foreseeable principal trends and priorities. The main goal of the Czech Technology Day Seminar is to facilitate direct contacts and networking between the research communities, policy makers and business leaders.

European Enterprise Award 2010

Czech Technology Days have already had several major successes. For example, project ranked the 2nd place in the international competition "European Prize for Contribution to Business" and was therefore chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the European round of the competition "European Enterprise Awards 2010", which is organised by the European Commission.




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